I graduated from the University of Houston with a PhD degree in Computer Science (Spring 2018) where I was a part of the RiTUAL lab. My advisor was Dr. Thamar Solorio. My research interest is in the area of Natural Language Processing (NLP). During my PhD, I mainly worked on different areas of authorship: authorship attribution, author profiling, and plagiarism detection. My dissertation is on authorship attribution in realistic scenarios, where I looked at cross-domain authorship attribution for a large number of authors.

Currently, I am a PostDoctoral RA at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory under Dr. Svitlana Volkova. My main area of research is dynamic social network graphs and forecasting based on these graphs. I am also looking at how information about software vulnerabilities and cybersecurity spreads in social media (Twitter, Reddit, and Github) and figuring out the drivers of this spread. In addition, I am also working on result reproduction and error analysis of state of the art systems in machine comprehension, semantic role labeling, and named entity recognition.

For details, please refer to my CV.